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Moby Fly Rod– Our Powerhouse

This high performance rod leaves nothing lacking. We crafted the Moby with a single goal: Performance. We took a fast-action rod, built it light, and loaded it to cast 100+ feet. The Moby offers an ultra-light, fast action rod that is ideal for throwing heavy tippet, big bugs, and streamers. The slight flex in the tip section allows you to punch heavier flies in heavy winds at long distances and still delicate enough to cast small dry flies with ease. Built to handle big country, long days and the biggest fish—the Moby is the rod that will surpass all your expectations, and keep you coming back for more.

Most Ideal Circumstance:

  • Casting in windy conditions
  • Casting for mid to long range distances
  • Casting weighted flies and streamers


  • Fast Action – Flexes slightly through the tip section
  • Less forgiving cast
  • Ultra-light
  • Streamer/Big Bug Approved
  • Ideal for long cast requiring tight loops
  • Cast great in heavy winds
  • Cordura® rod tube included

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Christopher Park

    Beautiful rod that performs just how I'd like it to.

    Alaska worthy

    I took the 7 WT 9' Moby and another brand's 8 wt to AK for some salmon fishing. We targeted Silvers and Pinks in the rivers and ocean. The Moby handled both fresh and salt water fishing superbly. The other brand's 8 WT rod...unfortunately snapped at the butt section. The Moby is a solid and efficient casting
    rod, I'm going to purchase the 9 Wt as well. Thanks for saving my trip!

    Jeremy Jesmer
    Great 6wt

    I've had my 6 wt for almost 6 years now and have caught everything from Carp and LMB, to Bulls and Bows on it. Casting is extremely easy, I used this rod from ugly beginner casting phase to still ugly casting technique but less of a beginner phase. The rod is super forgiving and helps by keeping terrible technique from ruining casts and spooking fish.

    Richard Nordgren
    Great rod, excellent customer service

    The Moby 9 wt is a great rod for hunting pike and other large predators here in Scandinavia. I’m using it paired with a fly line from Sunray and this combo is perfect for fishing with large,10 inch +, pike flies both tubes and tied on a hook. This rod is well built, fast action and truly a joy to cast with.
    The warranty service and the customer service is fast, personal and works like a charm.
    I really recommend the rod to anyone in the market for a light rod that loads extremely wel.

    Jeremy Charchenko
    Moby Dick! Yep!

    I have a Sage XP. I love it. In fact, it's my favorite rod of all time, UNTIL I got this rod. Lighter, faster, but not stiffer if you get my drift. It's lighter in the hand, moves quickly, and loads incredibly well on streamers and traditional indicator nymphing rigs. This is my new goto streamer and nymphing rod!