About Streem

Can a fly rod last a lifetime?
Our passion is fly fishing. We create top-notch fly fishing products, affordable to all. Our business model is 100% online directly from the manufacture to you, eliminating the costs of brick and mortar expenses. We invest those savings into quality products and pass the difference onto you. In the end, we give you the rare combination of a high-quality product for less money.
We get it, talk is cheap. We are so confident in our quality, we give you a lifetime warranty on any rod... it’s the last rod you’ll ever need to buy. A huge reason Streem exists today is that no matter what brand of fly rod we bought would eventually end up breaking sooner or later. We were so sick of having to pay high replacement fees and having to wait weeks, even months to receive our rod back. So then enters Streem. Where we put a huge emphasis in creating a very quick and easy warranty claim process that is truly lifetime guaranteed. 



Jeremy (Co Founder/Sales)

At the age of 14, I got my first fly rod. Everyday after school I would cast in the yard for hours. Consuming every article available, renting a VHS of fly fishing the Green River, I was hooked. It was all I could think about. Fast forward 26yrs and Streem was born. Sharing what I love has become my passion.



Jase (Co-Founder/Product Development)

After receiving my first fishing book "The Fly Fishermans Bible," life become more 'Holy". Skipping school to hit the river didn't help my GPA. The river became my home, always feeling welcome. Jump ahead, build a rod company, launch a kickstarter and here we are!


Camron Despain (CEO) 

Fly fishing is my passion! I started out fly fishing at a young age and have been hooked ever since. I love the challenge of fly fishing as well as the amazing places it takes me. I love sharing my knowledge with others as well as learn from those I meet on the river.