Streem Rod Tip Warranty

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To pay for your Streem rod processing fee, please select either US, Hawaii/Alaska, or Canada to correspond where it is the rod replacement will be shipping to.

Customer Reviews

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Streem is always there

Second time I've had to use the streem warranty and I have never had any issues. The replacement piece was shipped and delivered super quick. Thanks Streem!!

Great product and customer service

I have a 3W and 7W Rift combo and have now used both many times in multiple trips to Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska and they have become favorites. By my own negligence I have broken two rod tips and the experience with Streem customer service has been great. I broke a rod trip on a sage rod several years ago and they sent me a blank which I then had to have finished. That was disappointing. Kudos to Streem

Lee buck

Streem Rod Tip Warranty


I had broken a rod tip and warranty was fast and easy. Unfortunately the first tip was lost in shipping but streem immediately sent me a new tip as soon as they knew about the issue. Great customer service.

Brandon Stickel
Unbelievable rod and service

I got my first streem rod back when they started their Kickstarter, fantastic rods even better warranty/costumer service. I’ve broken one rod about 4-6 times, dogs leg gets tangled in the line and runs off, closed in a car door, casting in a boat and rods collide. No matter what they have replaced it, and fast. Take a photo, tell them the section and then what happened. Then 3-5 days later new section! Unbelievable company, broke my big company rod the same day and am not getting it back for 8-12 weeks... streem all the way