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Brook Fly Rod– The Ultimate All-Arounder

Not too soft and not too stiff, our brook series action is just right. It has a medium-fast action which makes this series the most versatile high performance rod we offer. It is the perfect all-around rod that will get the job done for any fishing situation you encounter. It is just stiff enough to punch a tight loop but still a little soft in the tip to protect you from breaking off fish on light tippet. From dries to nymphs to streamers this is a must have rod that can do it all.

Most Ideal Conditions:

  • Dries, Indicator Nymphing, Streamers – This series is meant to do it all.


  • Medium-Fast Action – Good flex through the whole tip-section
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • Ultimate All-Around Rod
  • Cordura® rod tube included

    Choose the S1 or S2 Pro Reel. 

    • S1 available in Gunmetal Grey.
    • S2 Pro available in Silver/Red

    The Double Looped Line. The ultimate all-around weight taper forward line with an ultra low stretch and silky smooth cast! Backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

    • Line available in mint or lime green.

    Warranty And Return

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Justin Rose
      Great customer service

      Had no trouble finding what I needed. Once ordered, was on my doorstep in just a couple days. Will always buy from Streem!

      Great Customer Service

      I am a beginner in the fly fishing world, but all of my flyfishing veteran folks that I know, said this combo was one of the best they’ve seen. The customer service has been outstanding. When the reel that came with the combo was out of stock they upgraded me free of charge to get my order on time. Love this company. Love the videos. Thank you.

      Rich Goates
      Best Bang for Buck!

      We have bought several Brook Combos and there is simply nothing that touches the value of this rod. Love these!

      Chance G
      Loving it

      My new favorite rod!

      Joshua McGill
      Great Combo and Warranty

      I love using this this rod and reel.

      The rod has a great feel in the hand and I feel like I can launch my flies as far as I need them now. The only downside I've come across with the rod is the color. Based on the pictures I thought it would be more blue than it is, but it turns out it's super dark. Honestly it's not a big deal at all though considering how great the rod has been.

      The reel has also been super nice to use. I never find myself having to adjust the drag like I had to do constantly with my old gear.

      One of the best parts about this purchase is the warranty. I sent an email with my warranty claim and I had a replacement rod tip in the mail within a couple hours. And it arrived at my house what seems like the next day. Super awesome customer service. Not disappointed at all!