'Tis The Season for Steelhead!

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'Tis The Season for Steelhead!


What do you like about fly fishing? It can be the peace of nature, or the feeling the water, or the reward that comes from improving your skill. Even if you don’t catch anything (trust me I’ve been there), there’s something special about fly fishing. Let’s be honest, it’s always more fun when you’re out there catching, releasing and doing it over and over.

There are some fish that captivate our minds. Not only their journey but their desire to run, and don’t forget the fight. Steelheads have that reputation. There’s nothing like the take and they downright know how to fight! Here are some tips from our pro-staff.

  • Use a rod that gets the job done. Our 9wt rods are Kenai tested and guide approved
  • Get ready to cover a lot of water. No joke these guys can be a fish of a thousand casts.
  • Find boulders and rock gardens. They are lazy like we are and want the food to come to them.
  • Switch things up, Steelheaders can go after anything.
  • Special hint: Get ready to have an amazing time. These fish are amazing and you will earn it if you hook up and land one.

Good luck! Special thanks to @alaskawilder for the great picture!