"a person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite"

 There have been times in my life where the river was the only place that I found solace.  Even as a younger 14 year old, I found something in my soul. It wasn't something I could express verbally at the time but it was manifest in a smile and a look. 

For each of us, the river is something different.  Sharing these wonderful places with others is paramount on our journey, but some don't feel this way. One day walking along the river, I came across a man fishing.  As I watched from a distance, he landed several nice fish.  Being new to the sport, I had no boundaries.  So I walked up and asked, "what are they hitting on?"  With a quick glance over his shoulder and a role of the eyes, he said "flies". I wish that was an isolated moment, but if you have been fly fishing long enough, you know it wasn't.  I couldn't have been more than 15 at the time when this happened, but I will never forget the feeling.

I love sharing this sport with others, I learn from those who have mastered a skill I haven't. I hope to teach those that look to me for knowledge. 

A good friend and great guide shared a story with me. One day while guiding a client, he noticed a gentleman fishing a hole not far from them. As his client caught several nice fish, he couldn't help but notice that his gentleman had not landed a single fish.  He kindly excused himself from the group he was with and walked over. He introduced himself and explained that they have been doing well on a few fly patterns.  The gentleman opened his box and he pointed out a few patterns to try. Astonished by the kind gesture, he said, "in all my 30 plus years of fishing, not once has anyone approached me on the river and provide assistance like this, thank you!" Now compare that with my experience. 

We are all fly fishing for a purpose. For some, it's an escape and for others a challenge. I have heard wonderful stories where this became an outlet for cancer treatment and more. Whatever your purpose, remember to share these wonderful waters. We all live down stream.